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8th Franco Bavarian Business Dinner: Cybersecurity: Opportunity And Challenge For Businesses

8th Franco Bavarian business dinner: Cybersecurity: Opportunity and challenge for businesses

No day passes without the annoucement of a new attack, of personnal data being stollen, of ramsomware putting business at risk. The example of the TV station TV5 monde that was entirely taken of air as a result of an attack that this day the origin and motivations are unkown is stricking. A single infected E Mail and a staff member inadvertely clicking on a link followed months of preparation by the attaquants had devastating consequences for the operation.

The awareness that cyber security is one of the major threat of Industry 4.0 is a major. A highly specialised new industry offering expertise, hardware and software solutions has emerged.

The speakers including:

  • Anne-Marie DESCOTES, Botschafterin der Französischen Republik in Deutschland
  • Universität der Bundeswehr München: Frau Prof. Dr. Ulrike LECHNER, Professorin für Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity: Reik Hessebarth – Geschäftsführer
  • TV5 Monde: Mallory Delaporte
  • Alphalyr: Bertrand Fredenucci – CEO

did allow the participants to have a broad insight of the challenges but also opportunities of this field:

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