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11th Franco Bavarian Dinner: European Media: Can We Still Prevent US Domination?

11th Franco Bavarian Dinner: European Media: Can we still prevent US domination?

Many industries are being disrupted by the on-going digital transformation and the emergence of new competitors. Only in a few others does it happen so fast and so intense. The combination of viewer habit change toward mobile and on demand video consumption enabled by IP streaming technology with the strategy of US tech and media giants directly targeting European consumers put traditional business models and the much smaller and regional European media groups at risk.

The top executive speakers:

  • Arte: Emmanuel Suard – Geschäftsführender Direktor & Verwaltungsdirektor
  • Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien – Siegfried Schneider – Präsident
  • Pantaflix: Nicolas Paalzow – Vorstandvorsizender
  • ProSiebenSat.1: Dr. Michael Müller – Chief Distribution Officer
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung – Caspar Busse – Leitender Wirtschaftsredakteur
  • ZDF – Robert Amlung – Beauftragter für Digitale Strategien
  • Pierre LANAPATS, Generalkonsul der Französischen Republik in Bayern

have given a strategical insight in the on-going changes in a market that simultaneously consolidates and fragments in all parts of the food chain: content production, aggregation and distribution. They have pointed out the necessity for European media companies to adapt, propose new customer services and for the legislator to give them a plain level playing field against their mainly US competitors.

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