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Disney Vs. Salto: Investments In Streaming

Disney vs. Salto: Investments in streaming

To be clear the comparaison is unfair. Hulu is serving the much larger US domestic market and might become global as the rest of the Disney+ offering possibly and compete against CBS-Viacom‘s Pluto. Whereas Salto the joint venture between all major French private and public broadcasters is and will only serve the French market.

As streaming giants gear up to compete for global market domination with no mid term profitability in sight in a business where scale is a direct competitive advantage European media organisations need to adapt very fast in order to prevail and survive.

It is certainly no easy task as Ulrich Wilhelm the ARD public broadcaster chairman stated at a press conference back in April: „Many dwarves do not make a giant“

For more thoughts on possible JV models back in January I wrote an article on „Which Hulu should be a model for European S-VOD joint venture“

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