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Meta Search: Who Will Help You Find The Content You Want To Watch?

Meta search: Who will help you find the content you want to watch?

The broadcast media industry is experiencing two antagonistic evolutions: On the one hand a concentration in large eco systems with players like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Comcast or ATT but on the other hand a strong fragmentation with dozens of available video services in each country.

For the viewer there is no more single place to go to find all the linear and non-linear content one want to watch from sports, news, shows, documentary to series and movies. It is the time of skinny bundles, multiple subscriptions and high churn with viewers spending more and more time searching for content.

To overcome the growing problem operators offer cross platform search and recommendation engines. Despite limitations and algorithmic confinement they are a positive first step but are restricted to the boundaries of the services.

Mid-term a meta search and recommendation engine is likely to emerge as an overarching layer across multiple services. The question is who from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Apple or Microsoft will succeed in this role and how it will impact the entire production, distribution and monetization value chain.

What are your bets?

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