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The Rise Of The 30-minute Slot At IBC

The rise of the 30-minute slot at IBC

Time optimization or visitor raceIBC as any international trade show is a race both for vendors and visitors. Both parties are trying to recoup the time and financial investment their respective attendance represents. For vendors the number of set meetings is an essential KPI. The temptation is correspondingly high to increase the ROI of the available 39,5 hours.

Exhibitors starting with start ups have began over the past 2 years to schedule 30 minutes slots. For them that do not leave their booth it is a great productivity improvement.

But to increase the odds of reaching 10.000 daily steps for visitors it means rushing around the show floor and spend less quality time with their counterparts without significantly increasing the number of meetings.

The likelyhood of such tight schedules to go wrong also increases exponentially the further away both parties live from Zürich. It will feel like Heathrow Friday at 6PM.

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