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Video Exchange Streaming

Video Exchange Streaming

As the Video on Demand market choice for the viewer Video on Demand Under the moderation of Stuart Thomson Editor of DigitalTV Europe together with the other panelits Bonnier Broadcasting Sweden: Sam Ekman - Head of TV4Play Orange France: Loic Shorter – Group Entertainment Lead Design

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11th Franco Bavarian Dinner: European Media: Can We Still Prevent US Domination?

11th Franco Bavarian Dinner: European Media: Can we still prevent US domination?

Many industries are being disrupted by the on-going digital transformation and the emergence of new competitors. Only in a few others does it happen so fast and so intense. The combination of viewer habit change toward mobile and on demand video consumption enabled by IP streaming technology with the strategy of US tech and media giants directly targeting European consumers put traditional business models and the much smaller and regional European media groups at risk.

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Disney Vs. Salto: Investments In Streaming

Disney vs. Salto: Investments in streaming

To be clear the comparaison is unfair. Hulu is serving the much larger US domestic market and might become global as the rest of the Disney+ offering possibly and compete against CBS-Viacom‘s Pluto. Whereas Salto the joint venture between all major French private and public broadcasters is and will only serve the French market.

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4K And 8K Market Position

4K and 8K market position

Last week I attended two of the world largest media & entertainment trade shows: The IFA in Berlin and the IBC in Amsterdam. Even if exhibitors of both shows are part of the same eco system the contrast was striking with regards to their views and strategies on image resolution.

Consumer Electronics manufacturers pushing for customers to replace their TV sets have always been a driving force for change in the broadcast industry. Vendors like Sony and Panasonic that sit on both sides have an even stronger interest to cross leverage their end to end presence. In the past it has led to great successes like HD and 3D that… well did not do that great!

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The Rise Of The 30-minute Slot At IBC

The rise of the 30-minute slot at IBC

Time optimization or visitor raceIBC as any international trade show is a race both for vendors and visitors. Both parties are trying to recoup the time and financial investment their respective attendance represents. For vendors the number of set meetings is an essential KPI. The temptation is correspondingly high to increase the ROI of the available 39,5 hours.

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Why Is Netflix Cooperating With Telco And Pay TV Operators?

Why is Netflix cooperating with telco and pay TV operators?

The recent announcement of a possible imminent deal between Canal+ and Netflix has triggered many discussions on the motivations of such a deal. In a bigger picture Netflix has already signed up numerous agreements with operators including Sky to distribute its service.

What’s in for Canal+

The question is not so much what’s in for Canal+ that in France has been suffering from heavy subscribers’ losses for the past few years, lost significant sports rights, killed its VOD service Canal Play and is looking to reposition itself both in Africa as well as in Europe with investments like the recent M7 acquisition.

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Technology Investments In The TV4.0 Era: How Are They Impacted By Business Model Modifications?

Technology investments in the TV4.0 era: How are they impacted by business model modifications?

Technology investments in the TV4.0 era: How are they impacted by business model modifications? The diagnostic is easy to summarize but most difficult to solve:

  • Content costs are skyrocketing
  • Linear channel revenue from carriage fees and adds is diminishing
  • Revenue from non-linear distribution is still marginal
  • In most countries public funding is frozen or diminishing
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